One Shot for High paying AdSense Ads

One of the tactics to get high paying ads on our blogs or sites is to use only one ad format, the 300x250 block. You put two of these blocks between the title of the post/article, and the content.

But, can this be improved?.

Yes, you could write content with keywords related to high pay, moving niches. You would get more money for a hosting related site, that for an origami related one.

That's nice. However, I want more money for click?

AdSense game is a one shot game. Think of this. A user enters your site, read your content, find an AdSense ad and click it. If you obey AdSense term of services, then you have one money click, one shot.

I need this only click to produce for me the more money I can get from it. I choose the right ad format, I place it in the right place, I select the right money making content. What else I can do?.

There is a way you can mess inside the ads which appears in your adsense blocks. Click here to keep reading One Shot for High paying AdSense Ads